Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is my information?

All data is encrypted and each practice has their own dataset.

Will HBC Inc. follow-up on all unpaid claims/denials?

YES. HBC Inc. has a team of people working specifically on your account, calling the insurance company and accessing their insurance's website to follow up on all unpaid claims, working all explanation of benefits, processing all correspondence and working with your patients as well as office staff to ensure payment for every claim.

Does HBC Inc. have coders on staff?

Yes, HBC Inc. has a team of certified coders, who validate charges prior to them being sent to the insurance companies. HBC Inc. also offers coding education to all physicians.

How does HBC Inc. handle patients who need to be sent to a collection agency?

HBC Inc. is not a collection agency. We send patient statements on a monthly basis for 3 billing cycles. If there is no activity on the account, it is flagged as bad debt. It is your choice if you want to send patients to collections. We work with several collection agencies.

How will HBC Inc. communicate with my office staff?

Multiple ways, through email, fax, phone, interoffice mail delivery, whatever works best for your practice/office staff.

"We treat others the way they want to be treated."

How do I get my daily billing to HBC Inc.?

By FAX, secure email or access to your EHR. We also provide pre-stamped, self addressed, priority mail envelopes. By choosing to use our Intergy EHR your information will be electronically entered into our system for billing processing.

Does HBC Inc. provide me with reports?

Yes, HBC Inc. will forward to you an End of Month packet that includes various reports to show your productivity.

What specialties does HBC Inc. bill for?

HBC Inc. does billing for a wide range of specialties: Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Oncology/Hematology, Podiatry, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Anesthesia, Durable Medical Equipment, Behavioral Health, OB/GYN, Otolaryngology, Radiology, Cardiology, Physiatry, Wound Clinic, Pain Clinic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Industrial Health

What does our rate include?

One word... EVERYTHING. We have NO hidden fees or extra charges, PERIOD.

We fully understand that the success of our business depends on the work we do to ensure your business continues to succeed!

How do we justify your billing fee?

First, start by considering all billing-related expenses that could and most likely will increase. Staff salaries, benefits cost, software/hardware support fees and upgrades, the cost of stamps, statements, CMS-1500 forms etc. If/when your practice grows or takes on additional providers/locations, your business will also incur additional costs.

In-sourcing HBC means your expenses are fixed for the duration of the agreement. As your practice grows, it is HBC that will need to add staff and absorb any additional costs while you pay the same commission rate.

Another consideration is the fact that in-house employees are paid the same salary and benefits and other costs remain fixed (computers, phone, etc.), even if your practice generates less money from month-to-month. If a provider takes off two weeks during the month and your gross charges decrease by 50 percent the following month your net receipts will decline by 50 percent. With in-house billing, your overhead expenses remain the same. With In-sourcing HBC you continue to pay the same rate based on receipts collected.

Does HBC have an understanding of billing non-physician providers?

YES. Many of our clients have non-MD practitioners that we bill both incident-to and general supervision for.

Does HBC offer consulting services?

Yes we offer consulting services. Any knowledge we can share to help improve the stability of a practice is a WIN for all of us. Contact us for a quote.

As a Practice Management Company, when you sign our contract we do a complete review of your practice that will add value to your business and maximize your Revenue Cycle Management.

  • Review of Charts
  • Certified coder consultation with provider to increase revenue
  • Reviewing of all office staff procedures
  • Optimizing the appointment scheduling to maximize efficiency

We believe with our expansive consulting background, we can find ways to reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve patient care.

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